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TISDC 2022 – Taiwan International Student Design Competition Juror

I've been invited to be a juror for the Taiwan International Student Design Competition.

I'm really happy to contribute to the local design community and help young talents succeed in their craft.

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來自亞洲的設計力量The Power of Asian Design

I'm happy to announce that I will be speaking at the Power of Asian Design Event this year in Taichung.

I hope to see you there.



Time and dates here:

第八屆「來自亞洲的設計力量 The Power of Asian Design」國際設計研討會 International Design Seminar
地點:國立公共資訊圖書館 2F國際會議廳(台中市南區五權南路100號)
英國United Kingdom-Anthony Soames/薩巴卡瑪創辦人暨設計總監
德國Germany-Felix von Bomhard/果多設計創辦人
德國Germany-Benjamin Ehrenberg/羅技首席設計師
法國France-Oscar Coutinho/CRE8奎艾特設計 設計副理
日本Japan-Daisuke Nagatomo/國際設計師協會(IAD)年度設計師、國立臺灣師範大學設計學系助理教授
紐西蘭New Zealand-Ra Thomson/MisteR男裝創辦人暨設計師、實踐大學助理教授


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Logitech M190 is live

Logitech M190 is finally live.

A huge milestone towards a more sustainable industry -  introducing a entry level  wireless mouse

that is using post-consumer recycled plastic. I'm glad my design could contribute to this change.

Thanks to everyone involved in this project.


Logitech M190

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Panasonic ES-LM-31 launches in China

I'm so glad to be sharing this!

The shaver I've been working on for Panasonic has finally been launched into the Chinese Market. This product is a milestone for Panasonic towards a more modern gender neutral design connecting it with it's japanese design roots of modest simplicity.

All I can say is, thank you and congratulations to the whole team who worked on this beauty.





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SprÜbrSpecial Montag KHB Weissensee

 SprÜbr special SprechenÜber Benjamin Ehrenberg

Ich freue mich diesen Montag, den 3.2.2020 um 18 Uhr  spontan als Special Guest zu erscheinen. Kommt vorbei auf ein Drink, Snack und Talk mit Mir dem KHB Alumni. Ich erzähle über meine Arbeit in Shanghai und über meine aktuellen Projekte in China.

I'm happy to announce to speak at  SprÜbr special this Monday at 18:00 Prof.Mensa, I'm  a former KHB student and now working in China. I will speak about my current position and work in Shanghai, China. Come by for a drink, snack and talk.

See you.

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Panasonic Alpha is Live.

Panasonic Alpha is Live.

I had the honor to be invited to Suning Headquarter in Nanjing for the official launch event and talk to the Press about the gamechaning product from Panasonic.

Panasonic Alpha Launch

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Meet me at Auto Shanghai !

On April 18-25th, I'll be representing Panasonic Design Center China at the Auto Shanghai 2018, sharing experiences in shaping the future of connected driving and infotainment solutions.

This years we will be sharing our  Advanced Cockpit studies. Looking forward to share more information in the coming days.

As a Design Lead, I believe that a well thought throw strategy works in favor of us making sure we and our industry partners design the right solutions - in a time where products, experiences, and their eco-systems are growing together blurring lines for how to solve challenges of the future.

My schedule is already packed with meetings, sharings, and talks. But as always, I'm very happy meeting with familiar faces, and of course to great many new good friends.


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AWE Award 2018

AWE Awards is know s the Oscar of Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Industries in China. I'm very pleased that this project got recognized for it's design.

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Panasonic NU-JK200W Steam Oven launches in Shanghai


We are delighted to announce that NU-JK200W our design for Panasonic's countertop steam oven has finally been launched in the chinese market. It targets the growing Chinese Middle Class which has a growing concern about their own health and those of their family. 

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