Navigating tomorrow. How designers can stay competitive in the Age of AI

Dezember 4, 2023
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Start doing, stop overthinking.
We've all been stuck in projects, struggling to meet high expectations, whether from our team or ourselves.
Innovating often requires unexpected routes, those detours that lead to the "Eureka" moment.
It involves taking incremental steps toward goals, exploring and testing along the way.

In my lecture, I shared how I tackled such moments in my career—breaking big problems into digestible parts.
Discover how tools like rapid prototyping and generative AI helped me to deliver quick turnarounds.

The overwhelming positive feedback is proof that my talk hit a nerve. Thanks to Prof Daisuke Nagatomo for allowing me to share over a decade of experience in the fast-paced world of industrial design with curious students at NTNU's Design Department. Read the Article here.
A universal truth emerged: everyone is more engaged when interacting with physical samples.


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