ASUS first ever Chromebook launch at Computex 2014

Juni 4, 2014
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I'm happy to announce that my very first product I have designed at Asus got launched at the 2014 Computex in Taipei.

Chromebooks are an exciting new category of computing devices that make use of goggles ecosystem of productivity apps which are run in the cloud.

For the design of the C300 Series by Asus I have put a lot of consideration on how to design a laptop formfactor that feels good in your hand when carrying it around with you. The design comes in 6 colors which connect with the Google brand and reflect the joy that comes with this exciting new product.

For more information follow the link here.

The Chromebook Series was designed to be an entry level notebook that emphasized usability and comfort without sacrificing quality. The design features a new design language that reflects ASUS core Design DNA with the simplicity of the ChromeOS. The small factor notebook features a full keyboard and large touchpad to improve usability beyond typical notebooks in its class. Featuring a fanless design for cool and quiet usage, the Chromebook Series is perfectly suited for mobile and casual computing.

Awards: IF Awards 2015, Good Design Award 2014


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