Panasonic SC 300

The SC200 is a countertop steam oven


Role: Design Lead at Panasonic, ID, CMF and UI/UX

The top-of-the-line countertop Oven has a brushed stainless steel body, a digital display with a touch control, and a Wi-Fi connection that allows owners to monitor the cooking process via smartphone and receive a notification when the food is done

- Panasonic China

Panasonic Home Appliances AWE 2018

We are Family 

SC300 is designed to be part of the greater Premium Family of Panasonic Home Appliances, emphasizing connected cooking, elegance and high quality.

Panasonic Home Appliances AWE 2018
Panasonic Home Appliances AWE 2018

Remotely control via Smartphone

“No one accepts new technologies like the Chinese,” Homma said. “Their smartphone use puts Silicon Valley to shame.”

- Bloomberg 2018

For the Chinese consumer my Team at Panasonic developed a wide range of IoT Smart Kitchen products. Improving the connected experience for the user and making Apps more than just a remote control inlcuding lifestyle and shopping offerings. 



The whole process involved several interations of prototyping, long hours of brainstorming with our  engineers in Shanghai to surpass technical issues and fine-tuning of the initial Design.


The key to many successful Products is a great collaboration. Many thanks to Juan Pablo Giraldo  and his team at Habits  for the great help during the Research and Development Process. Many thanks also to the Team Members Dai Yu Ming and Masato Nakao  for the great collaboration. Also our General Manager for Panasonic Design Center Shanghai Tsuda Yukihiro for the inspiration and creative support.  

Thank you!