Accompany a start-up to create a new coffee reality.

A perfect coffee enjoyment is very difficult to achieve - enthusiasts invest a lot both time and money in leveraging their skills and have the right equipment, while novices find it difficult to take part to this whole coffee movement. The challenge is to develop a customisable system accessile to everyone, making the perfect coffee ritual simple. We're breaking down barriers with a streamlined approach. Our system offers accessibility without compromising on quality. From concept to launch, PHOENIX, supported nunc starting from the ideation phase through the seed investment round, to the product launch. And our dedication to coffee and innovation shines through.


Designing beyond the Product

To address these challenges, PHOENIX defined the design language 'Modern Transparency' as consisting of two core elements incorporating transparent glass, a reference to home interior design language, and futuristic visual elements to exhibit the once-hidden innovative core technologies. Haier understood that improving the relationship between users and their stored food was critical. Through agile research and multiple rounds of validation with the target users, our team clarified user needs for both content and unique features. PHOENIX then defined the four core features for the product MVP.


New Era of Kitchen Experiences

Global navigation — A unified vertical navigation bar guides the user through the different key views in an intuitive and familiar way. Dynamic Health —with facial cardiovascular reading technology integration, the feature can analyze the user's health status and provide personalized recommendations for ingredients and recipes within the refrigerator, meal preparation, or even earlier. Mindful Cooking — A set of unique guided experiences which combine meal preparation recipes, dynamic music, and a calming voice to create a meditative retreat for users in their daily lives. New Vision of Design Language — A new clear visual hierarchy and visual direction which emphasizes a thoughtful consistency between the digital and physical product design language.


By 2022, ecosystems of digitalized products brought consumers unprecedented convenience. However, in the smart home industry, there still was a struggle to provide users with truly valuable novel experiences that leveraged the new capabilities. Previously, the addition of large touch displays to transfer utility controls from analogue to digital was enough to add the perception of intelligence in smart home products. Consumers now understand that this does not inherently provide tangible, unique benefits to the end user over traditional solutions. As a result, PHOENIX was tasked by Haier to understand, define, and produce new innovative user experience, user interface, and product features that leveraged the smart display to discover the user value of connected devices.

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UI/UX Design, Industrial Design, User Journey, Design Strategy, Storytelling, Motion Design, CGI, Ecosystem, Business Design 

ROLE | Industrial Designer
DESIGN LEAD | Lien Chinho
YEAR | 2015
MY CONTRIBUTION | Concept Development, Ideation, Design Strategy, Concept Refinement, Storytelling, CGI   


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